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Louise Joins as Practice Manager

Ballinger Equine Practice Manager, Louise Shakespeare

Everybody at Ballinger Equine is thrilled to welcome Louise Shakespeare as our new Practice Manager. Louise is the latest addition to the management team joining Andrew and Susanna as they continue to develop the practice.

Professional practice management

Louise brings a wealth of management experience and an understanding of the continuous improvement model applied within Ballinger Equine. She is well versed in the logistics planning required to ensure we look after our clients and their lovely horses and ponies efficiently and without delay. Louise will be managing the office team and paying particular attention to the practice billing and insurance claim processes.

Executive support for Dr Susanna Ballinger MRCVS

Clinical Director Dr Susanna Ballinger now has executive support with Louise handling her correspondence and telephone enquiries and managing her client scheduling. We know our clients appreciate that our veterinary surgeons are entitled to time for themselves away from work at the end of each day. Clients may now expect to speak with Louise in the first instance, allowing Susanna to focus on treating patients and consultations. This will, in turn, lead to improved client communications and more streamlined booking of visits.

Familiarity with the region and horses and their owners

Louise is already familiar with Ballinger Equine’s service area and the wider region. An experienced horse owner, she also has an excellent understanding of what it takes to provide ‘equine veterinary excellence’ around-the-clock, every day of the year. We hope all our clients will join us in warmly welcoming Louise to Ballinger Equine.