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Ballinger Equine cannot offer advice as to which insurance product is best for you and your horse. We recommend owners take time to research carefully the different types of cover, policies and insurance companies to determine the most appropriate products for them, the horse and its intended use.

It is important to provide an insurer with accurate information and to be comfortable with policy excess and limit payable in the eventuality of a claim.

Download a copy of our insurance information sheet here.

Veterinary fees insurance

Insurance for veterinary fees should cover all non-routine veterinary diagnosis and treatment. Prior history of your horse will be important and may determine any exclusions.

Loss of use insurance

Loss of use insurance provides cover for your horse should it be involved in an accident or suffer illness or injury which prevents it from carrying on the activity for which it is insured.

Mortality insurance

Mortality insurance provides cover in the case of death, whether an animal is found dead or should euthanasia be necessary on humane grounds under BEVA welfare guidelines. 

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident and third party liability insurance are both important and are often overlooked when buying a horse or pony. It is sensible to consider both these types of insurance cover.