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Ballinger Equine extends service area


Ballinger Equine has extended its area of operation in response to a dramatic increase in requests for consultations, particularly in Essex. As a result, the practice is now registering, and providing services to, new clients in Essex to the east and south, and in Bedfordshire to the west and north.

Equine veterinary excellence for Essex

Ballinger Equine’s Managing Director, Andrew Hillier, has extended the practice’s coverage following the appointment of Dr Harriet Gardner to the clinical team. The new, larger service area is indicated on maps on the practice website.

Announcing Ballinger Equine’s increased geographical coverage, Andrew Hillier said today: “We have until now, resisted calls to serve a wider area, preferring to ensure our existing coverage is effective and that our out-of-hours emergency service is robust.

Andrew continued: “The appointment of Dr Harriet Gardner, to the clinical staff increases the flexibility of our veterinary resource. Our connected, integrated team approach to delivering veterinary care, led by our Veterinary Director Dr Susanna Ballinger, means we are now in a position to say “yes” to more requests for visits across a wider area.

Registrations can be made via our online web-form or by telephoning Katie Branley, during office hours on 01462 414008. Alternatively, talk with one of our vets when you next see them visiting your yard or providing veterinary cover and support at one of the region’s equestrian shows or competitions.