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Equine Health
Equine Influenza vaccine
In February this year we reported on the confirmed outbreaks of equine influenza across Europe, and in particular an outbreak of equine influenza (EI) in Essex. We are now aware of new, current cases of EI in our practice area and wish to again alert horse-owners and yard managers of the disease and the risk...
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Ragwort must not be left to flourish in neighbouring fields
Most horse owners recognise the bright yellow flowers of the common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) and know that it is toxic to horses and ponies. The weed is prolific and self-seeding so it is essential to remove all traces of it from pasture and neighbouring fields to help stop it spreading. Act before the flowers appear...
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The current prolonged hot, sunny summer makes a welcome change for most of us. Of course, the dry heat does bring challenges for horses, ponies and their owners and one of these is managing sweet-itch. The summer heat has brought out midges in abundance resulting in those horses, ponies and donkeys who are susceptible to...
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radiograph of equine foot clearly showing pedal bone
Summer has now arrived and with the recent heavy rain, warmth and sunshine, grass in paddocks is rich and continuing to grow rapidly. For our animals this is irresistible and they love the lush grazing. Be aware though, the sudden gift of sugary grass, be it long or short, is not suitable for all horses...
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Caring for your horse in winter
The cold wintery weather is now well and truly with us and likely to remain for several months. This week we’ve experienced the usual unpredictable mix of snow, sleet, rain, harsh winds and cold, dank days. And mud is part of daily life for horses and horse owners alike. Horses can happily live outside all year...
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Ballinger Equine Calm Assist
Yes, it’s that time of year again, when grown adults enjoy playing with fire and explosives. The rich history and tradition behind Guy Fawkes night remains largely unappreciated by our horses and ponies, who probably view the whole enterprise as a bore at best and possibly rather alarming. Horses and ponies probably don’t appreciate the...
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