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Ballinger Equine Fleet Upgraded

Isuzu D-MAX selected to replace Ballinger Equine 4X4 fleet

Ballinger Equine’s veterinary surgeons are equipped to attend their patients wherever they are located, in any weather and at any time, day or night. Our vehicles are of critical importance. We have now upgraded our fleet with the Isuzu D-MAX, specially configured and kitted out to meet our requirements.

Rugged dependability

The Isuzu was selected for its rugged dependability, performance, economy and load carrying capacity. All Ballinger Equine’s Isuzu trucks are delivered with replacement all-terrain tyres. The vehicles are fitted out specifically to meet the rigorous demands of 24/7 equine veterinary practice and are clearly signed with the now-familiar Ballinger Equine corporate identity.

Security and safety

Special security and safety devices and dash-cams are installed in every Ballinger Equine vehicle and the entire fleet is continuously monitored and tracked in real-time, 24/7. Such measures reinforce the personal safety devices already carried by all our veterinary surgeons.

Andrew Hillier, Ballinger Equine’s managing director commented: “The practice is committed to providing our veterinary surgeons with the best tools for the job. The Isuzu D-MAX represents a significant upgrade from our previous vehicles. Our new Isuzu dealership is Oliver Landpower, a well-established firm with a terrific reputation. Oliver Landpower clearly shares our commitment to excellent service, understands the nature of our profession and that our vehicles are mission-critical. We look forward to a productive business relationship as our practice grows.”

Andrew continued: “We have extensively tested a wide range of vehicles and have now settled on VW Amaroks and Isuzu D-MAXs to equip our growing fleet.”